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The science of iridology

‘IRIDOLOGY’: The word ‘iris’ is Greek and means ‘rainbow’ or ‘halo’. The iris is the colourful portion of the eye that surrounds the pupil

THE science of iridology is a very fascinating one! By looking into the iris of the eye, an experienced practitioner can determine the integrity of tissue in the various organs of the body.

Professional iridologists agree that acute, sub-acute chronic and degenerative conditions of the body are all reflected in the iris. This is because the main circuits to every organ, gland and nerve in your body have pathways and endings in your hands, feet and iris of your eye. In fact, the iris has hundreds of thousands of nerve endings that are wired to the brain and linked to every part of the body. Therefore, looking into the iris is like looking at a map of the whole body to see where there is strength or weakness.

“The eye is indeed the window of the soul, what is most valuable about iridology is the fact that weaknesses in body tissues or organs often show up in the eye before they are discernable in medical tests. The iris can show whether the person has a strong or weak constitution and whether the skin is eliminating well, the iris can reveal if the colon is eliminating well or if it is blocked up with waste matter or constricted in any way. The iris of the eye indicates whether the immune system is being overworked in the body. Sodium rings and cholesterol rings in the eye reveal an excess of sodium or cholesterol in the body.”

An experienced iridologist can observe the general health of each body system by looking at particular zones in the eye. Iridology Mapping refers to the entire process of studying the iris of the eye, mapping out a chart of what is seen in the eye, and advising the client of therapies that can enhance their general health. By reading the map of the eye, and then feeding the body systems and organs in need of repair, greater health and well-being can be restored to the body.

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