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Iridology eye changes

This clients eyes change slightly as you can see the black rings around the iris are slowly getting thinner and going lighter, the black ring is called a scuff rim and is often a sign of anemia because the skin is loaded with toxins and is not getting enough blood supply to fully detox itself. The reason for this is because there is 1) Not enough oxygen in the blood 2) Blockages in the colon which are preventing nurients and food absorbtion like fungus or stagnant bowls (mucoid plaque). This is also dangerous because it causes a slow moving bowl which can cause toxins to be reabsorbed into the body, putting strain on the kidneys, liver and detoxification organs.

Treatment method would be to try to kill any parasites or fungus in the body obstructing food intake and nutrient absorbtion through the colon and then concentrate on correcting the microbes in the tummy as well as clean out the colon with a colon cleanse. Get the lymph flowing again through massage/dry brushing, exercise, steam rooms or sauna, as well as alkalize the body with diet and supplements.

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