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Iridology session

There are only 2 true colours of eyes, brown and blue. If your eyes are any other colour you need to detox. Sometimes true blue eyes as in the case with the eye above the body is so loaded with toxins that they actually appear brown. If you look closely at the rings which appear lighter there is a slightly lighter green colour shining through which indicates that this eye is naturally a blue colour.

The brown in the eye is a heavy metal called sulphur. Sulphur is a very dangerous toxin because it provides a hospitable evironment for parasites and fungus to flourish within the colon. When sulphur lines the colon it not only makes parasites and fungus flourish but it also attacks the kidneys and causes them to malfunction and not work properly. When the kidneys are under stress the body then sends the toxins towards the skin in an attempt to get rid of the waste, this causes the black ring around the outside of the iris and it shows that the skin is condensed with toxins.

Ontop of the kidneys lay the adrenal glands and hormones, the kidneys work hand in hand with the adrenal glands and the thyroid to help the endocrine system to funtion properly. The light circles around the exterior of the iris indicate that the adrenal glands are under stress and that this person is in a constant fight or flight mode and suffering from anxiety.

Around the pupil lays the colon section within the eyes, as you can see this is where the sulphur (the brown colour) is the darkest and thickest. You also may notice spikes coming out of the pupil like if a child was drawing a sun. these are called radii solaris in iridology and they indicate that the person has a very serious parasitic infection within the colon.

This is just a short blog to give you an example of what an iridology session will consist of. We will also go into detail about what supplements to use to detox the heavy metals and parasites from the body as well as a diet to partake in to heal your body naturally. I will write a full detailed report including pictures and guides as to what herbs and lifestyle changes will help to heal you.

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