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Importance of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system runs throughout your body and its job is to fight off infectious diseases as well as rid your body of waste and toxins. As we get older our lymphatic system becomes a bit more sluggish and stops working so well so it needs to be stimulated through things like exercise, massage, dry brushing in order for it to start working properly again. it can also stop functioning properly because of a disease, things like fungal infections, lymes disease and sulphur build up specifically attack the lymphatic system and can cause a blockage and a build up of waste and toxins within the body. when the lymphatic system is not functiong properly it causes things like internal inflammation, acidic Ph balance within the body, joint pain, brain fog, weight gain and many many more complications.

The foods we eat also play an important role as to weather our lymphatic systems are functioning properly as well as if we are eliminating waste within the colon properly. Dairy can poison the lympatic system and cause it to not funtion properly. foods to eat to help your lymph along would be berries, fruits, nuts and melons. You really want to make sure that you are eliminating waste from your colon everyday and if you are constipated maybe its time to start changing your diet.

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